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Chatsworth, CA
reply to Drew1

Re: Introducing DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone

said by Drew1:

Greetings, George,
Two questions: I qualify for Fusion Broadband + Phone and I'm interested in the service, but long, long ago (11 years) when I set up DSL Extreme service at my current location we had a nasty issue with my modem - something to do with the RW/RN settings or something like that.

If I order the Fusion service and get a new modem (which, likely is advised given my current modems' age) am I going to be down for a week as I was before?
That kind of downtime was not acceptable then, it isn't now and I will not risk such a debacle once again no matter the benefits.

Secondly, There may be the possibility that I could move within the next year.
If I sign up for the Fusion Broadband service for the stipulated year contract, what are the cancellation fees, if any?

Thank you for any answers that you can provide.


Hi Drew1 See Profile,

Looks like I may have missed your question in the thread. I am not fully understanding your first question though. It sounds like you currently have DSL service with DSL Extreme and are using your own modem. Is that correct? What modem do you currently use? If it is a modem from 11 years ago it likely won't support ADSL2+ and you would need another modem.

If you are under a one year contract and move to a new location, if your new location qualifies for service you will have the option to move the service to the new location. That would require signing up for a new one year agreement at the new location. If the new location doesn't qualify for service then you would still be responsible for the early term fee on the account or the remaining months of service, whichever is less. If you know that you are going to move within the next year the month-to-month plan would likely be a better option for you.

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DSL Extreme
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