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Mclean, VA
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reply to elray

Re: Netflix Thug like Behavior.

said by elray:

said by anon anon :

Well maybe Netflix wouldn't have to go this route if ISP didn't have caps. Only 2 hours and 45 minutes of SuperHD streaming per day would put one over a 250 GB cap.

Also Netflix already pays for it's bandwidth.

And Netflix is getting the bandwidth it paid for.

But if they want to see their customers happy with "Super" HD, they're going to have to buy some more bandwidth. Evidently, they figured out that last-mile caching is the optimum way to go given the effects of Network Neutrality.

Time Warner is probably willing to go along and allow Netflix to pay to place their caches, but I don't think they're appreciative of Netflix' publicity stunts.

Apparently you don't quite realize how bandwidth works for non-residential customers.

Companies pay X amount for X amount of speed, with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime regardless of the bandwidth used (1MB or 1TB a month). Netflix has the bandwidth capacity to run it via traditional streams, but then there is issue with latency and QoS. Putting it in the middle of the network eliminates outside congestion sources, and reduces the strain on the ISP and CDN networks.