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Re: [CenturyTel] Extreme oversubscription, transparent proxying,

Ah, another conspiracy thread. My question is how do you know only one T1 serves hundreds of people. The service would be unusable if only 5% of these hundreds were online. I hate to say it but I'm pretty sure you're wrong. CTL likes to oversell, but this if this were true it would be downright criminal. Plus standard IMA dslam deployments they do typically have 8 T1's and usually that's for less than 100 people


Vancouver, WA
said by GetMoney :
The service would be unusable if only 5% of these hundreds were online.
Exactly. It's totally unusable if any of the neighbors happen to be online at the time, which is quite a bit of the time, in fact.
said by joebleed :
where did you get the information that your area is being served by a single t1 line?
By the same tech guy who had the nerve to try to sell me a T-1 line. Way out in the boondocks here, city slickers.
said by joebleed :
How about the proxy?
From time to time I get an error message that pops up almost immediately---30ms when I look at a tcpdump---that "nginx" failed to proxy some site or another. It certainly couldn't have come from further away than the DSLAM.
said by clevere1 :
When I changed DNS servers to opendns .. my speeds were greatly improved.
I have to try several times to even get a DNS response, no matter where I try to get it from, and then when I do, the connection to the site itself is still unbearably slow. And even when there is no congestion, I never get more than 250Kbps from a site that is not part of a CDN.