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Brantford, ON

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Re: [The Call] So, I was on the phone with Rogers...

How sad is it we're all reporting back here, telling each other what great deals with managed to eek out of the big giant head or the great OZ.

Seems like a lot of dicking around. If they offered a good product at a fair price, they wouldn't need a retention department at all.

Sad state of affairs.

The monopoly is falling... just remember... someday soon when they are begging for more customers what they are making you do right now to get good value for your money.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
It is sad, but 90% of people won't do anything or know enough to do anything.

I have a co-worker that doesn't do much of the way of surfing the net, so she was spending well over $100 a month just for internet and home phone; I convinced her to go with Wind for he home phone and internet (she didn't have a cell phone) and now she's saving close to $60 a month.

I was talking with the ex today (my children's mom) and she's gotten a pretty bad deal with Cogeco...naturally, people choose the cheapest option, but on her internet she was going over by about $50 worth of usage every month. She told me what she had (Turbo 20) and I asked why she wouldn't select Ultimate 30. She looked it up and said "Why they hell wouldn't they tell me to go onto Ultimate, it's only $9 more a month?" And that there, is the issue with these companies.

Anyway, I'll call in every year if I have to to save the money.

I do the same with my satellite (XM) since they took off my favourite stations. Got them down to $18 every 3 months....
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