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reply to derekm

Re: UBB, Overages, and malicious users

setup apache webserver , configure the httpd configs to only allow the offending ip and port and then use the webalzier to note traffic and then after a few days send all that data to cogeco and tell them you also will be contacting the RCMP for there fraud and abuse people, that you are not going to pay the overages in regard to this and htat cogeco should be looking into that spam / virus/bot on there end as a term of condition on your contract.

pretty sure that abuse is pretty well covered on most isp contracts.

otherwise lets all jsut hammer coneco ips until none of there users can afford to pay them .....
tell them the president of the united hackers told you this...
and make sure you do give your rcmp a call , just might be whomever is pestering more people and cogeco will then take you very seriously as it will be on another record that your doing all hte above ....

if this is occuring when you hav eno modem on film it for a week and date and time the film/video and then take cogeco to small claims court for fraud...
let htem deal with why and whom then.

oh and a week a video might require a terabyte hard drive on another pc to record it and get a local paper every day and just shove it in front ...be tactical and this is jsut total way to prove nafarious stuff...is up...

then cogeco can tell you what overages or bandwidth you used and you go OH REALLY....
the pain and suffering of all this might make me sue for 25 grand or take a class action on behalf of every cogeco user and go big on it.



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You are missing the point. DoS isn't the attack. Just usage service fees.

$100 of usage would be enough to piss me off. In fact, it's better if their service isn't affected, it would go undetected longer. No need for amplification.

How could a residential user even begin to 'prove' an attack after the fact?

Chances are, their D-LINK router is silently dropping the easily available 1.5Mbps garbage traffic.

End user won't know anything's up until the next time they check their usage.

EDIT: Also, I'm not being attacked. For a home user though, this is a nightmare.