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Carpentersville, IL

Difference with Updated Video Driver

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First, if this is the wrong forum for this thread, please move to the correct forum. Thanks! :)

Some basic information.

OS: Windows 7 x64 Enterprise
Video Card: GeForce GT 220
Browsers my issue shows up in: Internet Explorer 9 x64 and Waterfox 16.1
Adobe Flash Version: 11.5.502.146
Video card driver version: 310.90, released on 01/05/2013

I've having issues when I watch youtube videos in full screen. The above screen shots come from the below video.

Note: I've put the URL in code, so it does not imbed the actual video, due to language. If you are interested in the video, you can copy and paste the URL.


When I watch the video normally, everything is fine.

However, when I switch to full screen, I get what is shown in picture #1. Notice how it appears that the image has a red ghost, almost as if it should be in 3D.

I did some research, and found out that if I turn off hardware acceleration (see picture #3), then everything is fine (pic #2).

What I'm trying to figure out is that for as long as I've been running this Video card (October of 2011), with multiple versions of Flash, I've never had to disable hardware acceleration, as I've never had that problem.

So, I feel the problem is due to some kind of change with the newest video driver update, and not flash. I installed the latest flash version on 01/11/2013, and did not have this issue. However, when I rebuilt my system two days ago, I used the newer video driver, and that is when the problem started to happen.

Really this is more of a "Why?" then a "How do I fix?" post. I've figured out how to fix it, I'm more curious as to why I never had to do that before.

If anyone needs additional information, feel free to ask and I'll provide it. Again, if this needs to be moved to the proper forum, please do so.



--Brian Plencner

E-Mail: CoasterBrian72Cancer@gmail.com
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