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reply to gwalk

Re: [Forum page] HughesNet community

said by gwalk:

I guess the thing that pushed me over the edge was the issue of coax.
Some of the uppity installers are REFUSING to change coax on upgrades

I can't get away from that.. I know what its like replacing or installing the coax for the first time. You gotta get your hole drilled or you might need a bigger one or possibly even a new one, then you gotta figure out where the hole will be on the other side. Not to mention about the crawl space you might need to crawl through to get the cable ran to where you want your modem plus if your a hoarder type person then thats even harder (no offense).

When we got out 7000 installed, the installer was respectful, nice and he seemed alright, he had a real looking company truck instead of the one thats support our area these days, his is all beat up. But this one had a tool chest and everything, had a huge amount of networking, connectors, etc. he didn't force nothin, just was'nt a bad installer, oh and he made our satellite and modem work for about 7 straight years, never needed to call tech support, no problems or anything.. Untill hughes mentioned about the new Gen4 then we just started having all the slow speed all the sudden. But now we now have the Gen4 and it looks like we jumped right back into the same boat.. My speeds every evening will dim way down but in the mornings there great but not as advertised however I do not care about that. As long as it works then we here are happy.
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