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Bolivar, MO
reply to skyfox31

Re: Installed equipment but wont turn on?

Well, they said that they were turning up the dslams in my area, not sure if it applies to the ones in other areas though, Missouri and Georgia are pretty far apart, haha.

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
Everything in this thread is the same as Orange Springs, FL. New equipment was put in Nov 2012 and no power is even hooked up. I can't even get an answer.

You know I worked IT for decades. I found an honest answer, even sorry we are a year away works better than what they are doing.
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Bolivar, MO
Have you asked the techs in this forum or the wincanhelp email?, they were usually always able to get an answer for me, they have much more resources than the 1-800 number for tech support. hopefully they will have your service fixed soon.