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Lawrence, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to vee130

Re: Verizon FIOS Battery Backup

said by vee130:

First off its regardless of how much a battery costs its the point. When do the extra fees stop, why is Verizon changing things and then later on down the line make their customers pay for them? Oh please about the more customers, the more the equipment costs, blah blah blah, these companies ALWAYS make money, it's just sad how they take advantage of their customers to fulfill their big quarter earnings. And just so you know that Verizon quoted me $38 + $ 9 for s/h.... And how is that fair when you can buy them online line as some people mentioned for around $20? So once again why should I be paying to maintain THEIR equipment? They used to do it but now they realized that was just another way for them to make more money. I look at my bills all the time and it just pisses me off that what I pay to have Verizon FIOS but I also have them as my cell phone provider, and they really want to nickel and dime me for the cost of a battery! So it's more about the point of the company doing the right thing for THEIR customers rather than the 'its only about $.28 per day' cost for a battery. It's just enough with their charges... We already pay enough to keep these companies very very rich... How about they cut us a break for a change?

You really sound soooo unhappy. The best thing that you could do to alleviate your anguish is to switch to another service provider. I'm sure that you'll be much happier.