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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
reply to abitbent

Re: [The Call] So, I was on the phone with Rogers...

It is sad, but 90% of people won't do anything or know enough to do anything.

I have a co-worker that doesn't do much of the way of surfing the net, so she was spending well over $100 a month just for internet and home phone; I convinced her to go with Wind for he home phone and internet (she didn't have a cell phone) and now she's saving close to $60 a month.

I was talking with the ex today (my children's mom) and she's gotten a pretty bad deal with Cogeco...naturally, people choose the cheapest option, but on her internet she was going over by about $50 worth of usage every month. She told me what she had (Turbo 20) and I asked why she wouldn't select Ultimate 30. She looked it up and said "Why they hell wouldn't they tell me to go onto Ultimate, it's only $9 more a month?" And that there, is the issue with these companies.

Anyway, I'll call in every year if I have to to save the money.

I do the same with my satellite (XM) since they took off my favourite stations. Got them down to $18 every 3 months....
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