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Powder Springs, GA
reply to gladia7or

Re: fastpath

Fastpath is not used on Uverse VDSL connections, interleave is the protocol and cannot be changed.

Latency is bigger picture than what you are describing, so maybe it might be something else.

What are you currently using ?


Jacksonville, FL
i know interleave is the default used but i have read in numerous places that it can be switched to fastpath. i checked my modem(3600HGV) and interleave is on. I use the internet SOLELY for playing competitive first person shooters and having this high of a latency is a deal breaker. just seeing if there is anything i can do before i switch to cable.

i recently had dsl(not uverse) in a nearby town and pinged 30 less on average to most servers. my cable buddies that live near me also ping about 20-30 less on average. after doing a little google searching and some tracerts i noticed that the first hops seem way to high to mantain a lower ping/latency. i think this is due to interleave and would like to know if i could switch to fastpath.

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Powder Springs, GA
Then you need to read a little more, see above post.

The 3600 is a VDSL modem, so it's as I said, interleave is the protocol for that connection. It is different w/ vanilla ADSL/ADSL2+.

Been on XBL/PSN here for years, sons play Halo stuff, Black OPS, all that jazz, no probs here and that is using both our Uverse 12M connection and Comcast, prev had 6M DSL for quite a while, more NAT'g issues just because of equipment problems at that time, but were corrected w/o issue.

Can't hurt to post your tracert stats in the Direct Forum, maybe someone can take a look at your routing, but unsure if anything can/will be corrected, so don't hold your breath.