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Screven, GA
reply to w1spfanatic

Re: WISP Startup

Here's the update...

The Mayor signed a contract with Utility Services Group right after the WISP tanked on the city and I have to go through them to lease space on the tower. With that comes numerous standards and laws in order to accomplish the task along with one hefty price tag. $500 a month for leasing space. The Mayor informed me that he sets this price and could lower it down but no less than $275 a month. SMH, non-sense.Luckily, I had a plan B. Another local man OWNS a couple of towers around the area and has agreed to let me lease some space on a few of them. 2 of them I am eyeing. One is in a bigger city 15 mins away, with a tremendous possible customer base compared to my original proposed area. BUT, I'll be competing with the likes of Comcast and VZW LTE.

Who here has competition? And if you do, what models do you use to draw-in your customers? How do you keep them?

I'm back to the drawing board to see if this would be a good jump for me considering the monsters I am up against. If anything, I could purchase a Comcast line in-town here and set me up a wireless link. I need the experience w/ the technology and the stable connection.

Also, with the 2.4Ghz in NLOS conditions what's the theoretical range, /= 2 miles?

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
Competing against comcast will probably be tough, fast speeds, etc.

I only compete against other wireless services, and some DSL because no one likes the incumbent, but I just usually do my whitelabel DSL for them, usually these ppl are good for spreading the word. Not much money in it.
No LTE here but 3G is no competition because of low caps.

Yea 500 a month is a lot for a startup if you ask me. Even $250 is a lot really for me, We pay at most $4-500 a year for 100+ foot Grain legs, or trade it off in free Internet.

2.4ghz in NLOS at 2 miles is no good really, but 2.4ghz does have good NEAR LOS performance. I have done 5-6 mile near LOS 2.4ghz no problem. But NLOS as in trying to just burn a hole thru a big nearby bush lot isnt gonna happen at 2 miles.
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