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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to Darknessfall

Re: fastpath

said by Darknessfall:

It'll be impossible to get fastpath on U-verse.

For clarification...

It is impossible to get fast path on VDSL2 U-Verse

ADSL2+ U-Verse can be fast path. And BPON/GPON U-Verse latency is faster than fast path (fiber is a wonderful thing)

The OP did mention he/she is on a 2Wire/Pace 3600, which is a VDSL2 modem, so that U-Verse flavor is always interleave

To the OP: you will not get fast path with this flavor of U-Verse. Other factors can affect latency as well. If you can, download and install the uvrealtime app from uvrealtime.com onto a windows machine, and post screen shots of the main, bits loading, and error table tabs (this way we can check your physical VDSL2 link)

Also, are you gaming via WiFi or a hard Ethernet connection between the 3600 & gaming system?

And if you do not mind, post some of those tracerts, to common sites like google, yahoo, dslreports, and if you know any of your gaming servers, post the tracerts to those as well