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Alfred, ME
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Re: [Hardware] iDEN Shuts Down; Sprint Network Vision 800MHz CDM

Sprint is deploying LTE on 1900 right now. Voice and 1xRTT will be on 800 upon deployment and I believe LTE MIGHT be on there later on.

Are you sure that specific tower is a sprint tower and you arent picking up one further away?
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I'm quite certain of it, because it's a MAJOR site. FM/AM and over 50 cell antennas on this 499' tower, plus another 100' self supporting tower in the back woods behind the FM tower, with more then 3 dozen cell antennas there. I think that site was AT&T. But Nextel iDEN is on the big FM tower, and so is sprint, evidently, because standing in front of that tower, and approaching from either direction, I get 6 bars of signal, which decrease rapidly in either direction, north or south of it. By the time I get to the intersection of my private road, I'm down to 4 bars. Then as I drive down my road (perpendicular to tower, so distance remains constant), the signal drops to 1 bar. Boost rep tells me that my area has prime coverage. Theoretically, yes, based on distance, but their map doesn't take into account that trees are blocking the 1900 signal. What a terrible band to put phones on.