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Arlington, TX
reply to warlock56

Re: Providers that can offer non-published phone numbers?

I wanted to provide a follow-up for everyone who helped me along in selecting the right provider and hardware.

My Obi100 came in and I also signed up for a Callcentric account with a new phone number for testing. I'll port my existing number later on, but I finally managed to get things working and made a test call and it sounds great. Of course I'm going to test it a little more in-depth this weekend, especially tweaking my firewall on exactly what traffic I want going to it.

This leads me to another question about the Obi100's activity. Since all my traffic routes through my firewall, I was monitoring what sort of stuff it was doing.

Now according to Callcentric's own web page here:

At the bottom they say to keep ports 5060-5080 open to Ok, no problem there. I also had to open up DNS so the device could do lookups...no biggie. Well here's the thing, I started seeing other hosts it was talking to. Maybe you can help me determine if this is legit or needs to be locked down. - Amazon. Why is it talking to Amazon? - Wireless Time Company. Ok, I can see the NTP usage here, but I specifically input time.nist.gov and saw no traffic going to that address. What's up here?
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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River

The is OBI.

The is a US Government recognized time server.