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Queen Anne, MD
reply to w1spfanatic

Re: WISP Startup

$275 a month is perfectly reasonable. What did you expect, free? Heck $500 a month is probably reasonable depending on how much gear you can hang on their tower.

London, UK
said by wirelessdog:

$275 a month is perfectly reasonable.

Agreed. Done pretty well to knock 45% off the price just by asking!

Most likely some of that has to cover insurance for the tower, since anything that goes wrong with your gear could cause damage (e.g. fire)

As a start up he may be interested to see you get going and offer some competition.

Youve got to think about this in numbers.

$275/month / 10 customers = $27.50 breakeven. Most likely you could charge somewhere around $30/month and still be a viable option for a lot of customers. On rental alone, every customer after that is profit.

10 customers is not bad for breakeven, especially if you have access to a lot more from there, or can link to more valuable places. But naturally you have to include your other costs like bandwidth so that figure is likely to rise, but again, not uncommon.


Screven, GA

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reply to wirelessdog
I'm not expecting any kind of hand outs. Keep in mind the different financial means people have. From the previous posts, you would see that I will be hanging 3 120 degree sector antennas and when the numbers are crunched, charging 25/month for a community of 400 homes and less than 1/3 of those being potential customers is not even close to being practical.