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Re: DEV Watercooler: How we tune dungeons

Looking for solutions to this problem, clever players noticed that the mage spell Ring of Frost froze enemies for 10 seconds, had a 30-second cooldown, and had no target cap. Cue three mages cycling Rings of Frost to keep every Rage frozen for the entire fight. They spawn in waves of four in 25-player mode, resulting in anywhere from 52 to 64 Rages frozen in one giant clump by the end of the fight, causing client and server performance issues in the process. On the upside (for the designers observing these attempts), when this mage rotation faltered, the resulting wipes were fairly comical, bearing more than a little resemblance to an endless stream of passengers emerging from a clown car.

I would have loved to witness that strat fail.
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I wonder/bet the devs can watch a raid in real time.

That was one feature I always wished they implemented, to let observers view the raid from any raid member's point of view. I think Guild Wars 1? had this for the PVP fights.