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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to danawhitaker

Re: Weather Channel is worse than politicians...

said by danawhitaker:

For people who aren't weather nerds, I can see it being very beneficial. I tend to pay more attention personally to the Storm Prediction Center's Severe Weather Outlook when it comes to tornadoes, but that's not something the average person would even stumble onto.

Well unless they are voluntarily stupid...

Way up north knew what blizzards were without anyone telling me...

And conversely moving to Key West it is very important you know what hurricanes are. (Many newcomers here don't until hit by one.)

But since moving here the last thing but for general info is the WX Ch. The populous when NOAH was going to closed NWS KW down, mandated Cat 5 NWS station is two blocks down the street... talk about a local forecast. And the Navy takes things WX very seriously and literally too, another good source for raw data for anyone who understands WX.

But yeah in Bushwacked budget cut proposal (to pay for the tax cuts) a decade ago... they wanted to remote control NWS KW from Miami.... not sure congress ever saw such a near 75% population response of we may ignore what they tell us... but the LOCAL MANNED WX info to make that final decision is CRITAL the WX ch is BS, even then.

As well as to fishing and other commercial maritime interests, no way you are putting us on storm sure to fail remote control.

And it worked...now the new (2005) Cat 5 resistant station used to be in horrid quarters at the airport. The first time I have felt my tax dollars well spent.

And just two blocks away... they hold open houses once or twice a years, and sometimes just go up to chat when they aren't real storm busy.

Oh and the staff there then, and even the newcomers, are very grateful the Keys residents in real terms revolted and told congress the HELL you are taking NWS KW away... it the one really tangible benefit we get from our tax dollar and it IS CRITICAL.

Oh and BTW when the NHC radar was blown off their roof in (92) Andrew it was the long range KW radar they were getting their info from after that.