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London, ON

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reply to lutful

Re: noisy furnace fan

said by lutful:

Our gas furnace is 22 years old and the fan is really noisy. The ductwork also makes a huge clang every time the furnace turns off.

What options do I have to reduce the noise a bit?

We went through this a couple years back. Our gas forced air furnace is 45 years old and presently looks and runs like new. It's a Clare Hecla model and built like a tank. I maintain it regularly every year.

Anyhoo, your problem is the blower fan shaft and bearings need replacing. Takes about 20 minutes by a tradesman. As far as the ductwork clang, could just be a vent or damper on the furnace not working as quietly as it used to. Have the heat exchanger etc inspected when you get the blower shaft replaced.

Hint: these old furnaces will last a life time with proper care and maintenance. Spending $5000 on a new one is a complete waste of cash considering the miniscule fuel savings the newer models enjoy over our tried and true well maintained veterans.

... of ideas
Ottawa, ON
said by elitefx:

Have the heat exchanger etc inspected when you get the blower shaft replaced.

I had the most bizarre experience with a HVAC guy today. I heard him hit the furnace with a tool when I was not looking and then he claimed that the heat exchanger was leaky and that the furnace must be condemned.

After I insisted there was absolutely no evidence of a leak until now from my CO monitor, he sort of backed away but still applied a wide metal tape on the supposed leak location. He was then trying to sell us a new furnace at a supposedly huge discount. I showed him the door.

*** Sincere thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

a) I put filters on each floor vent and the cold air intakes and the blower sound is muffled quite a bit. I can live with it until I gather up the courage to change the blower speed from HIGH to MED.

b) The clang was actually coming from the damper after the humidifier. I duct taped it open for now although that surface gets quite hot when furnace is on.

c) My son admitted to rolling some marbles down his floor vent in the hope that "they will fall into the flames and melt". They did not come out near the blower and I can't locate them because of bends on the ducts going to his 2nd floor room. However, they are not causing the grinding sound for sure.