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Vancouver, BC
reply to anhloc

Re: [BC] Optik TV - Install w/ Ethernet or HPNA through coax bet

said by anhloc:

If that was the case, coax wouldn't cause choppiness/pixelation over its own transport medium if there was an issue, if it was all digital. It would either show full bore quality or it would go to the 'TV signal has been lost' screen.

I was under the impression you were referring to the issues that were outlined in the TV quality thread. My apologies for that! Yes, it could become choppy, and pixelated -- but certainly not what others are talking about.

Granted, there's practically zero chance that HPNA would even get slightly saturated by the TELUS feed with it being such low bandwidth, I haven't seen this occur when the install is done right.
The more I C, the less I see.

Calgary, AB
I agree that your not likely to run out of bandwidth on the shared HPNA network which usually runs at 120 - 144 Mbps. If your HD PVR and three STBs were all HPNA connected, the worst I could come up is roughly 36Mbps. The PVR would have to record three HD shows (3 * 6Mbps) and then play them back at the same time to the three STBs (3 * 6Mbps).

The big advantage with Cat5E is you get a dedicated 100Mbps bi-direction link to each STB. Ethernet is also easier to troubleshoot if you have one bad drop. One bad HPNA coax drop can disrupt the entire HPNA splitter and its trial and error to find the bad coax connection.