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Long Range Wireless

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Hi, guys. This is my first time posting and I have to admit, I'm not very knowledgeable on this, thus my reason for posting! First, here's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to set up a wireless network for my aunt. Here's the problem, she lives next door to my Grandpa, and is his main caregiver, so she spends much of her time at his house, so I'd like to extend her wireless to reach his house.

I've got a few stumbling blocks though. First, the houses are about 25 yards apart. Second, my aunt's existing router is a Linksys E1200 801.22 N, which has no exterior antenna attachment. In addition, there is a large tree thats sets between the two houses.

I had a plan, but I'm second guessing it due to my lack of knowlege. My Aunt's ex-husband had previously run a cat 5 cable to the garage, which has a better line of sight to my Grandpa's house. I got a TP-Link 24 dbi directional antenna, planning to mount it to the garage, then attaching it to an old Linksys BEFW11SA Router (801.22 B) that I would set up as an access point, and connect it to the Linksys N router in the house using the existing cat 5 cable.

Would this set up work? I've found info on how to set up the 801.22 B router into a AP, but not sure if the fact that it's a B would work with the N router. If not, should I purchase a new N router/AP to put in the garage? Is it's proximity to the House router (approx. 20 feet) problematic? If I buy another router, would it be better to just contect that Cat 5 to the Modem in the house and use just one router (one with an exterior antenna attachment) in the garage.

Also, do I need to put a repeater at my Grandpa's house. I'm afraid that the directional nature of the antenna I bought will limit the area's of my Grandpa's house where the wifi will be usable. Could that E1200 be turned into a repeater.

I know there are a lot of questions here, and maybe I'm on the wrong track all together. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. To help illustrate what I've described, I'm attaching an illustration that might make it easier to visualize. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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said by CarGuy1 :

Would this set up work?


Is it's proximity to the House router (approx. 20 feet) problematic?

Potentially. You'll probably want to run the two wireless routers on channels that are separated by at least 5. Depending on other sources of interference though, you may need to try changing channels on both routers to find the best performance.

Also, do I need to put a repeater at my Grandpa's house.

You could put a dedicated wireless bridge at House 2, but with 25 yards line of sight it's probably not necessary.


Great! Thank you for the reply and additional info. I'm going to try to get everything set up this weekend. Thanks again.

If anybody thinks of anything else I should know, feel free to chime in!