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Re: [WIN7] Getting text listing of albums/artists from media pla

Progress of sorts: after a few false starts, I figured out that the provided export formats export the 'artist' tag, which is contributing artists, and not the 'albumartist', which is what I need. And then I figured out how to make my own custom export format.

I found a couple of tracks with odd lacunae in the metadata. Neither of them have filled-in 'albumartist' or 'album' tags, they have duration 0' 0" (despite playing just fine), and one of them is missing 'tag: WMA(WMA)' than all other tracks have.

No effort with any tool was able to get the missing tag info updated (Media Player just does nothing, mp3tag says it's unable to write to the file -- a local copy I made just to play with). So my next plan is to simply re-rip those two tracks.

I can't explain how those holes resulted in the observed count discrepancy, but I'm just going to fix ;em and see what happens.