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Xbox 360 as a receiver question

I am getting U-Verse installed Friday of next week. I am getting 3 receivers and am retaining my cable internet. I saw after I placed my order that I can use an Xbox as a set top box. I did an online chat and the rep said that I could have it and then advised me to call a number to adjust my order. I called the number and they said the tech would have one, but that there was nothing to do on the CSR's end. The phone rep sent me info that said that to use an Xbox I needed U-Verse internet. Neither the chat rep nor the phone rep mentioned this and said that I could use it. What is the correct answer? Will I be able to use it?

Thanks in advance.


You won't be able to use it as a TV receiver. ATT used to offer it as a mail out kit, which didn't go well, so they changed it to full technician install only option. That apparently didn't go well either. New 360 kits haven't been offered at all in some time.


Michigan, US
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Yeah, if I remember correctly, it was suspended a year or two ago.


I want to guess early last year. I told a dozen or so customers flat out no before that. It was a ridiculous option to have the customer pay 7$/mo to use their own gear, I never ordered the kits, and when on a repair that had them just swapped with a 1200 and just said they were no longer supported.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
You do not pay the $7/month fee for a 360 as a STB, but there is a one time setup fee (either $49 or $99 -- don't remember which)

I have seen recent orders lately that included the 360 option. It is still possible -- self install is not allowed anymore I don't think.

You do have to have both U-Verse IPTV & U-Verse Internet, and XBOX Live Gold membership as well

I don't know if it was ever fixed, but there was a VoD bug with the 360 not working properly, but for the regular IPTV service it works great

The 360 as a STB does require a Wired connection feed -- either Ethernet from the modem to the 360, or HPNA/Coax fed to an HPNA/Ethernet bridge and then Ethernet from the bridge to the 360. No WiFi supported for IPTV from U-Verse


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That is disappointing, but I figured the CSR was wrong. Thank for your time guys.

said by agravely:

That is disappointing, but I figured the CSR was wrong. Thank for your time guys.

I wouldn't give up quite yet. Long story short, I got it working 2 weeks ago. Here's how. (now for the long version)

Like you, I was interested in this option for quite some time since I had a Xbox 360 that I was not using at all and liked the idea of having a spare STB to use, even tho I only have one TV in the house using the DVR in the living room. But, I have spare computer monitors laying around that I wanted to use as a TV screen instead so I tried that.

Here's what I did:

-First issues, are hardware requirements.
According to AT&T Uverse, you have to have the "XBOX uverse kit" which consists of a software application disc, a DLNA to ethernet dongle and an Xbox 360 universal remote, PLUS an Xbox live "Gold" account membership.

A couple years ago I did a Google search for the Xbox 360 Uverse disc and found an .iso that I downloaded and then burned too a blank cd. This is STILL out there, the internet never dies Upon loading this in the Xbox 360, it will load the application and depending on your dashboard version, conduct updates to both the application and your Xbox dashboard.

After the application installed, I clicked it to see what would happen and I got an error indicating a "provisioning" issue. What that means is AT&T controls the STBs and tracks them according to MAC address which they control at their offices. All the internet reading I did people told stories of calling Tier 2 technical support and getting them to provision their xbox somehow, I didn't have any luck in that effort because customer service always insisted that I needed to buy the $99 kit and truck roll out fee.

So I gave up and stopped looking or trying for a year or two. But, recently my regular DVR had our FIRST technical problem, the DVR wasn't responding to the remote control on intermittant occasions, even after replacing batteries. So I called customer service to create a trouble ticket about that. Since I had them on the phone, I asked them if they would also provision my Xbox 360 for use as a STB for use as a 2nd TV. The guy on the phone said, "Sure, I'm not sure we're selling the xbox 360 kit anymore, but we'll take a look at that after we address your first issue."

So, we end up deciding that he's gonna send me a new DVR box to replace the one I've had since 2009, then he's like, "OK, let's hook up your Xbox 360 now!" I'm thinking, YES! So I pull my Xbox outta storage (note: Have it ready, powered on and *IMPORTANT* PLUGGED IN directly to the gateway by ETHERNET, wireless will not work!!)

sorry, most of that was background info for context...

Here's what I had to say when he asked:
1) Yes, I already have my own Xbox 360 it is not AT&Ts
2) I already have the application installed, they'll assume you had the kit but it wasn't documented in their system. If they ask if you have the Xbox universal remote, you can say yes or no, that you lost it or that you don't need one because you prefer the xbox control or have a spare AT&T uverse remote (it works on the XBOX when configured)

3) Either say you have the DLNA ethernet dongle or that you are plugged directly by Ethernet into the gateway, I chose the latter since it was true.
4) you'll need your Xbox 360 MAC address example, 12:AB:34:CD:56:EF
5) you'll need your Xbox 360 Client ID#, which it will display when you get the provisioning error, example Client ID# xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
6) According to AT&T Uverse you are required to have a Xbox Live "Gold" account which costs $5/month... I DO NOT have one, but it still worked! I just have a regular FREE Xbox Live account.

Once ALL of that is said and done, they can put your MAC address in the provisioning system to be recognized as a STB. When you open up the application, if everything worked, it will take a bit of time to boot up, just like when you restart the DVR/STB. That is the BIGGEST annoyance because it's so slow!

Since I don't use the XBOX for games at all, I'd rather do PC gaming, I just keep the Xbox on Uverse the entire time and I don't restart it if it's not necessary. But if everything goes right, you'll get the blue UVERSE screen, then prompted to "Press OK to view recorded TV shows" or something like that, typical for Uverse.

Well, good luck. If you read down this far I hope it works out for you! If you need any help, feel free to contact me.