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Springfield, MA
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reply to Jason Levine

Re: Why should Netflix undercut cable

said by Jason Levine:

Netflix isn't "getting a free ride" any more than a local pizza shop who pays Verizon for a phone line is "getting a free ride" by Sprint letting their customers call to order pizza. (After all, they're not paying Sprint any money. Why should Sprint let their number be called?!!)

Speaking of pizza shops, there is a local Domino's franchise here that will not accept orders from cell phones for security reasons. He will only accept delivery orders from landlines. He can probably tell by the caller ID as the most common landline prefixes here are 781, 782, 783, 787, 543 (Verizon in the Indian Orchard subdivision, east Springfield, and parts of Wilbraham) are the most common landline prefixes in his delivery area.

The reason he won't take calls from a cell phone is he had one of his pizza delivery guys murdered in a robbery while making a delivery so he has taken steps to protect his employees.

Jason Levine
Completely the store owner's call. Just like if Netflix decided, for some reason, "we're not allowing Comcast customers to access Netflix." The point is, though, that he *can* accept orders from people using other phone companies even though he isn't paying those other companies anything. He pays his phone company and the customers pay their phone company. The two phone companies work out among themselves how they handle calls passing between them.

Netflix does the same thing. They pay their ISP, their customers pay their ISPs and the ISPs work out how traffic passes between them. If you needed to pay every ISP for your website to be viewable on their network, running a simple web page would be too expensive for your average person.
-Jason Levine