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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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Re: No More #### ?

Something about UBB, you say ?

»UBB, Overages, and malicious users

Yes folks, UBB is still here - lurking - waiting to rape the wallets of unsuspecting Internet users - and now, especially those of MOBILE Internet users - you know, the smart peeps who have been buying up the new generations of 'SMARTphones' so voraciously during the past couple of years - [BTW Happy 2nd birthday soon to THIS thread] - so fast that a new expression based on a variation of an old one had to be created - "They were selling like HotCakes SmartPhones !"

Anyway, THAT group of sheeple are the latest to be bitten by the Unfair Billing Bite of the incumbent service providers.

Not only a contract lock-in for us to be able to get the overpriced phones for closer to reasonable cost, but also the insane usage charges for data - and even worse if roaming !