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Johnson City, TX

[connectivity] Sync all Verizon Passwords

Trying to install new modem/wireless router (Netgear DGN2000). Need PPOE username and password. However, my old modem (6100G) router has one admin password, a different broadband (PPOE) user and password, and then my VOL user and password are different. None of these three combinations work for my PPOE password when trying to install a new modem/wireless router. Thought it might be the new modem so have already sent it back and got another. But second modem/router does not work either. How do I resync all these passwords and get the new modem/wireless router working.



1 recommendation

The PPoE should be your primary VZ username. The password field just needs to have something in it. It can be nonsense.

The all wont "sync" One is for the router logon. One is for the router to connect to VZ (PPoE) and the other (which can be the same username as PPoE) is to access your account and such on the web (VOL) As long as the username you connect to the VZ websites is the same as your primary (first one set up w/ VZ) it should work. If the username for PPoE on the old router worked it should still work.

It sounds like one of the combos should have worked.

The only think I can think of is that it is trying to grab the same wan IP as the previous router. Since it is PPoE this should not happen as it almost always releases when you disconnect.

That's all I got Call VZ if you have to.