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Re: [FireFox] Yahoo Mail Issues w/replying, etc.

Consider the new CEO of Yahoo was previously a major player at Google and she wants to "fix" Yahoo! mail.

»news.yahoo.com/yahoo-introduce-v ··· tor.html

said by carpetshark3:

I'm tired of sites that want a public profile. Google Play has hidden the log out link on the computer with a big blurb to join or use +. Now this with Yahoo.

reply to MarkRH
said by MarkRH:

»addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox ··· issions/

BTW, I've never used that extension or use Yahoo mail. Actually, I never use Web mail.

The tabs permissions add-on was not function on FF 18 as installed here. Perhaps it was blocked by something in AdBlockPlus or Ghostery.

It was worth a try. Thanks anyway for posting the link to it.


I have the same problem. It appears to be associated in some way with the latest Adobe Flash Player update (11.5x, I believe) that was just released--maybe with the latest FF update (18.x) as well. After I narrowed the problem down to AdBlock being enabled in Yahoo! Mail, I pulled out a second laptop (XP, Flash Player 11.3x, FF16.x, AdBlock, Yahoo! Mail) that did not have the Flash Player update. Everything works just fine on it.

I tried rolling back Flash Player to 11.3x on the computer with the problem, but that didn't solve the problem--but as we all know, even when we do an uninstall, some changes can be left behind. If I had more time, I'd do more trial and error / process of elimination testing, but that would entail backing up and then restoring the drive on the known good laptop using Acronis TI, something that can be time consuming.

Let's hope AdBlock can come up with a fix.


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Well, keep us posted on how things work out on your set up.

Idledale, CO
I've had the damn yahoo addy for over 10 years - rarely any spam, and I deleted contacts.

I don't use Yahoo for anything except mail and groups. Nothing else there is interesting except maybe some news articles. I have to enable yimg to sign out, then I turn around and disable it again, until I want to read a message.

That could by why it's only YIMG acting up on my laptop. Adblock has no effect. I haven't turned off Ghostery or Adblock.
That will probably be their next move.


I have AVG Do not track in Mozilla 18, I saw on the yahoo email page there are 2 trackers and I allowed yahoo analytics and it works fine now.


reply to orion940
I have had same problem, being unable to compose e-mails in Yahoo.
Found solution by disabling AVG toolbar which had recently been installed. Disabling Adblock plus had no effect so left it enabled


reply to orion940
It's getting worse. Since the Yahoo email bork first reared its ugly data-mining head, I've been switching my email to another service. I only reluctantly give scorecard research a pass on Ghostery long enough to view attachments Yahoo holds hostage.
However, as of tonight (FEB 2), Yahoo's pulling the same stunt on their pathetic news.yahoo.com comments threads. If scorecard is blocked, your sign-in password isn't maintained so it's constantly making you resign in to post or rec a comment. This is good. I needed a reason to just stop reading Yahoo's poor excuse for journalism and this'll do it.
With Google ruining Search by forced censorship if you don't let them track you, and Yahoo ruining everything, I'm going to have a lot more free time and money because at this rate there won't be any reason to use or pay for Internet access pretty soon.

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Louisa, VA
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reply to orion940
It's getting worse for me too, now when I click the trash can next to spam to empty it takes for ever for the confirmation box to pop up to confirm it. Same with the trash folder. Somthing has changed. If this keeps up, I may have to move to gmail.
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No change here. Yahoo! Mail is working just fine for me.
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