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Edgewood, TX
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Re: Greed...KILLS.

Might as well include wireless and satellite into this discussion as well. They use the same BS scare tactics with FAP (Fair Access Policy) or DAP (Data Allowance Policy).

I've got Verizon's HomeFusion, which is blazing fast with sub 100ms latency as cable or dsl, but they rape you for $120 + monthly warranty and taxes and fees for a mere 30GB of data after the 2nd month. The first 2 months they are kind enough to give you about 45GB of data under a promo period.

It's really too bad that the agency that was setup for consumer protections (FCC), doesn't make it illegal for data capping and that any company that practices it gets fined heavily for it.

Perhaps it's just me, but I think the same people that came up with datacaps are the same asswipes that are pushing for stricter gun control.. Both are trying their damnedest to legislate our freedoms away..