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Bethel, CT
reply to mariod

Re: [Rant] Holmes on Homes

said by mariod:

How about a third attempt at reading my post and understanding it? Here's a hint, check out the word "or" in my sentence, it's a miracle worker.


You posted:

Until you realized that the channels you chose to watch are all off the air because not enough people chose to subscribe to them.

Or that they all tailored their program to generic broad audiences while cancelling the shows you watch now.

You post has two parts explaining what would happen if the cable companies go to an a la carte subscription model:

• you state that all the channels I watch could all go off the air

• you state that the channels would tailor their programs to generic broad audiences and cancel the shows I watch now.

You also have an "or" between those two statements. OK so far?

For the first part, I merely asked how you knew what channels I watch and how do you know that all those channels would go off the air. So far, you have avoided answering those two simple questions. Please feel free to explain how you know the channels I watch.

For part #2. I agree, with you. However, the channels are already moving towards appealing to generic broad audiences. Indeed, I even gave you some examples. Since this trend is already happening within the non-a-la-carte subscription model, your comment that it will happen under the a la carte does nothing to support any assertions you've made.