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Kitchener, ON
reply to mr weather

Re: [Internet] VPN throttling on Fibe 25?

I can see why they don't do it (FibeTV), but they really need to offer an option for it for people who don't have/want it.

Ahh, the speed problems was probably your router. If you google around, there's anecdotes of people using it with Verizon FiOS and not being able to get their full speeds.

mr weather
Mississauga, ON
An interesting update:

I decided to do the fake-bridge thing again. I did a factory reset of the 2864 (once through the UI and two more times pressing the reset button), set my WRT54G (running factory firmware) to PPPoE mode, plugged the WAN port from the Linksys to a LAN port on the 2864 and crossed my fingers!

Low and behold, the router made the PPPoE connection, obtained an IP from Bell and after almost 24 hours the connection has been stable. I did speed tests periodically and I'm getting full 25/10 speeds. And the toughest test so far, I'm VPN'ing to my workplace using my work laptop and so far so good. I've transferred some big files and the connection hasn't crapped out yet.

Not sure what to say. It seems to work.
"It's all coming down!!" - Mike Holmes