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Reading, MA
reply to denny20003

Re: My Network Setup

Clever use of space and tidy setup

That surface mount box on the left stringer with what looks like a 3 keystone plate--what are those jacks for? Only one cable, a yellow one, looks "special"?

You've got a 2 port coax splitter... the in use output of that spltter goes somewhere, a little tough for me to tell the pics--does that go thru a hole in the right stringer, or just stapled there and then heads down to the cable modem? My Q being if you're not actually doing a split there, why not just use a barrel connector?

Looks like the stairs are in the middle of the area? Where is the power outlet you're using to feed the Cyper(sic) Power?

...sorry for the Q's, a little slow at work today


Saint Charles, MO
Good questions! I don't mind answering any questions concerning my setup

The surface mount box houses a two connectors that goes directly to the punchdown panel and then to the switch. One of these two connectors is used to connect the cable modem in to the network. The connector is yellow because that was the cable that it came with. The other connector is not used at this time.
The second connector (the green one) is a connector for the ATT UVerse that I used before. I have left it there in case I want to use it again. It is green because that is what ATT gave me.

The coax splitter is actually a power injector that I didn't need. I have a antenna in the attic with a attached amp but once I started using it, I found that I didn't need the amp.
There is another cable that comes in at the same location but it goes directly to the cable modem.

As for the outlets, I installed a outlet in the frame next to my setup. It is used to power the Cyber Power as well as my exercise equipment.