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North Richland Hills, TX
reply to garys_2k

Re: Is it possible to setup a free voip home system?

said by garys_2k:

said by dingobabel:

For the setup, would rather avoid google voice if possible.

That's the problem, then. Free incoming is pretty easy, as long as you're not fussy about the area code. Callcentric has free New York lines they'll SIP-forward to your device. I just don't know anyone other than Google who will provide free outbound service.

Yep, free SIP calls only. Any calls through the PSTN are going to cost somebody money. Google can absorb it because they're Google and they have other objects (advertising, supporting other services) in mind. But folks, whose business is only providing VoIP, can not survive giving their product away free. Though, at a penny a minute that some of these people charge, it's almost free.

Farmington, MI
Exactly, Google has money coming out their arse so letting people make calls for free as a data gathering tool is just fine. Nobody could survive on that as their main line of work.