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reply to mysec

Re: Open a pdf in browser vs in application

said by mysec:

... Note, however, that there is a social engineering component to this exploit:

Italian security researcher Andrea Micalizzi discovered that the latest version of the software crashes if users are tricked into clicking on an overly long web link.


Much real-world digital maliciousness relies on multiple factors for success, just one of which is social engineering. This is one of the realities that complicates the analysis of a computer exploit event or the prevention of similar attacks against other computer owners. Your software can be fully patched, yet one oops in "safe hex" habits and trouble may loom. Likewise, you can be as "safe hex" careful as humanly possible, but leave some program on a system unpatched and trouble may loom. And so on... Watching posts in this forum over time, one becomes highly aware of just how many ways the various exploit factors interplay to both cause confusion and to make nearly impossible any simple, one-size-fits-all solution to preventing infections.
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