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reply to Eumaeus

Re: [PvP] PVP in 5.2 and Beyond

said by Eumaeus:

Now what percent of people were really running around with heroic PvE weapons at the time? Some, sure. But was that the major problem with arenas at the time - nah. They were just so obsessive over the no pvp-pve gear crossover that they worsened the burst damage problem.

Partially correct, this depends highly on your server really. On Mal'Ganis, you see more people with the Sha weapons because of the +500 to whatever stat gem. PvP gear is great for fillers, but you lose necessary stats like hit and expertise. I don't use the PvP stuff personally. Well, I do use the helm since head piece for leather agi and a biotch to get. But aside from that I just use the 450 quest gear and 437 stuff.


Yorktown, VA
Cpt I was more looking at them wanting to avoid using PvE weapons in PvP than vice versa. The T1 weapon being 470 and having less secondary stats made it similar or slightly better than a 463 dungeon weapon. Similarly with the T2 having no Sha socket it'd be far less useful than a 483 LFR weapon.

There's some availability of hit on pvp jewelry since even in pvp you'd want to cap hit for lvl 90's, but you're right that you'd not be close to proper hit/exp for PvE with only pvp gear.

Speaking of leather head pieces - weeks ago I'd used an elder token on Will of the Emperor LFR and got my 476 helm. Later the same evening when we did our guild clear I ended up with the 489 version. Yay wasted gems!
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