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nice irl
Milwaukee, WI
reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: [PvP] PVP in 5.2 and Beyond

said by Cptbeatstix:

People will complain now that PvP is too easy to gain gear from.

Apples and Oranges.
Goal of PvP - Rating.
Goal of PvE - Gear.

PvPing in PvE gear - Not Competitive
Raiding in PvP gear - Not Competitive

said by Cptbeatstix:

I remember doing Arena in Cata about 3 weeks after the season hit, and was trying to figure out why my rogue was getting hammered. Come to find out, our 0 rated team was going against 2100 rated teams

MMR reset in Cata, so you played people with a 2100 MMR to your 0 rated team. MMR =/= Team Rating. Early in the season, if you win a bunch of consecutive games it's easy to launch your MMR sky high but have a team rating of 1500's. This is what the 5.2 changes are referring to.

said by Cptbeatstix:

Arena kind of lost its special thing after wrath.

... What "special thing" was that?