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Lamb Of God
Eagle Creek, OR

Default gateway. Problem with router.

Hope a mod can move this thread if its in the wrong place.

I had a stroke 2 years ago and my mind isn't what it used to be. Last night I hooked up a older laptop that I wanted to use on my wireless network. I noticed that when I went to search my router that it didn't ask for my password. To make a long story short "to late" my router wasn't secure. I always secure my router, but something went wrong. I noticed that my router was called "Netgear" I always use the name "Lambofgod" for (SSID). So i check Ipconfig and notice the Default Gateway is It usually is Ok so i user my browser to and its some place that is from my isp's DSL's modem. It has my network info etc , but there are no place to change password etc for the router. I was playing with the settings lastnight , not that there is any much stuff to do there, and I emailed my isp "local isp" about 2am last night, today at 12 pm i checked my default gateway and now its Now i have my router secure, but what the heck to my router. Did i do something wrong, or did my Isp do something, and not tell me something. Sorry again if this doesn't make sense.

Grants Pass, OR
Can't be 100% sure but it sounds like your netgear got reset to factory/default settings. There is usually a reset button of some type on these routers to be used in the case of lost passwords, messed up settings etc.


reply to cchheett
It reads like you were on someone elses router which was a Netgear router, hence, your usual router is probably a Linksys Perhaps your machine does not have your router as its default. The defaul gateway has nothing to do with your machine only the broadband router you are connected to as far as i know.