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Motorola 3347 AT&T Router & VoIP

I am having a problem with a new Voip Setup we just did, we opened the required SIP ports on the router but we are having serious lag (outlook stops transmitting and google gives us the little sad face saying all kinds of weird fail messages) and Voip calls go dead air or disconnect. I ran some tests today at speedtest.net while on a call and sure enough everytime it started the UPLOAD on the speedtest my line went dead air for like 3-5 seconds.. Any help or anyone that may have seen this could really use the help?

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

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What is your provider? You chose the button for the specific company called [Voipo] but I am willing to bet they are not your provider.

What kind of internet connection? Is this AT&T U-Verse? AT&T DSL? Qwest/Century DSL? Something else?

What were the results of all of those Speedtests? What speed are you supposed to have?

What other devices are running on your system?

Do you have Quality of Service (QoS) settings activated on the router?

You mention the router, but do not mention your VoIP equipment (ATA or IP phone)?

Is your VoIP equipment connected to the router by hardwire, or by wireless?


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reply to norstarguru
To add to PX Eliezer's list of questions, is SIP-ALG enabled on the router? (Should be disabled in most cases).