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Valley Stream, NY

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reply to Dodge

Re: Run in to store for 15 minutes.....

said by Dodge:

That's perfectly normal in NY. Get a garage or a bumper guard if stuff like this upsets you. Be happy it wasn't a pickup with a towing ball in the back, that would give you something to be really upset about.

And that camera is great, except it's inadmissible in any meaningful way, so ultimately a waste of money.

Maybe it is perfectly fine if somebody uses your junk car as bumper guard. I am not fine with that. And I had pick up truck trash my grille one winter. So yeah, I am upset about that.

I do care about my car, I am mindful of other people's cars.

And if you park like that, don't be surprised to have your car keyed one day, and yeah, it is perfectly normal in NYC.

The cam is ITB-100HD
Semper Fi

I do care about my car, which is why I have a garage and don't park on the street unless I really have to. When I didn't have a garage, I had bumper guards both front and back, simply because there is no way around people parking like that, and you can't spend your entire days hunting down assholes to key their cars.