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Charlotte, NC
·Time Warner Cable

Sports content

I am not a big sports watching fan so if I was in KC I would not notice if they carried the programing or not. That said any other content beside sports programming should be the producer and the buyers. The reason I make an exception sports is it is simi public. In most cases the local government has provided funding of some type to most teams. High Schools and state colleges public taxes. Our NFL team just asked for $125 mil to upgrade the private stadium. The NBA team plays in the city arena but the team has complete management rights.

I would also agree to the idea the poster suggesting Google should compete for the content.

The best arrangement would be a monopoly dumb pipe from a central POP site to the side of your house like the power company does to the meter. The power provider may be the best choice to provide the dumb pipe fiber system. That way if they provide a power connection they would have to provide a fiber connection in the rural areas. Then any content provider connects at the POP and takes care of all the inside work.

Idledale, CO
Doesn't have to be TV. How about allowing others besides Verizon and Apple the same apps on Android cell phones and tablets?

I'd pay for the app, but I am not switching to Verizon.