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Re: Traffic Shaping for SharedBand Traffic

Thanks so much for your help guys. I really appreciate it.

If I had to guess, I'd say the statement about aggregating/disaggregating the packet traffic sounds right. I'm not exactly sure what technology they are using for the bonding. Maybe VPN?

I have the WAN port of my wireless LAN router connected to one of the sharedband router's LAN ports. The sharedband (Linksys WRT54GL) routers are all hooked together via ethernet on their LAN ports. Each WAN port on the sharedband routers are connected to a DSL modem.

The Linksys routers with custom Sharedband firmware work together to split up the traffic and send it out through the DSL modems and over the Internet to an aggregation server running SharedBand's software (right now in Atlanta). The aggregation server then combines the traffic and sends it on its way to the destination.

This process reverses itself for the return packets.

I will run a wireshark test later on tonight.

Does any of the above help?