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Mountain View, CA
reply to Archivis

Re: Samba Issue

said by Archivis:

Let me ask you, if I have Domain Controllers to work off of and I can get their Unix names to be identical to their AD stuff, do you know how I can set that up?

Sorry, nope. I'm a UNIX administrator by profession; Domain Controllers and Active Directory are a Windows/Microsoft thing, and (both sadly and thankfully :-) ) I have no experience with them. On the Samba end of things, all I know is that you should be running Samba 4.x if you want to do Active Directory.

said by Archivis:

I've gone through the documentation on it and I think I'm just burnt out on this.

Hearing you on FM -- the Samba docs are immense and are quite overwhelming. I can only read a "chapter" or large section before I have to take a break. SMB/CIFS is such a mess in this regard; classic bare-bones NFS seems so simple in comparison. Windows just does a lot of things very differently (and often not in a pleasurable way).

said by Archivis:

I did also read that security = share hasn't worked for a while, but not until I spent several hours on it.

Give security = user a shot along with adding proper users via pdbedit and see if things improve. If not I can provide my smb.conf and a sample user entry and le you give that a try.
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