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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Jeanette

Re: [TWC] Raleigh, NC TWC - which modem is best to purchase?

said by Jeanette :

Thanks for the quick replies! The breakeven point on purchase vs lease seems to around 2 years. Since I hate the idea of giving TWC a penny of my money, I'm inclined to buy the thing. (I'd switch to another provider in a second if I could get reliable internet somewhere else.)

F/U question: I assume the router would then go in the wall box with the modem, yes? Will the modem I have be sufficient (assuming the TWC can get the Smart TV to connect to the internet through it. I can't.)

Yes, it goes with the cable modem where the rest of your wiring terminates. Make sure it gets enough ventilation... some builders run all of the cabling into a cabinet with little to no ventilation, and this can cause problems. If this is the case in your situation, consider leaving the cabinet open, or find a way to install it just outside the box.

Your router should be OK as long as the signal reaches everywhere in your home, and the modems that we have suggested in this forum will also be OK.