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Belleville, IL
reply to BlakePaulson

Re: Been awhile since Charter increased speeds

said by BlakePaulson:

I think the average user would like to lower their bill.

I'm still on a promo until may so I've got 15/3 right now. Perfectly speedy, does everything I need, no caps (at least enforced) as our node doesn't appear to be oversold.

I don't care for 30/4 internet... I'd be happy with 10/2 or even 10/1 for $25 a month but 30/4 for $49.99 a month... c'mon

We all see it for what it is... a pure money grab. With the lower tiers people who didn't use the internet much were paying little amounts. Now people who barely use the internet are paying almost $50 a month just to have internet (not like there's any real competition around here.)

It's stupid but it is what it is I guess.

And that's perfectly understandable. But it doesn't apply to anyone that's interested in speed upgrades.

And those of us that do want more than 15/3, 30 or 100 is plenty fast for download, it's the upload that has a greater affect on everyone.
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