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Tulsa, OK

[OK] What happened to COX SD channels on the Moto HD boxes?

My Moto box HD favorites were unexpectedly moved by Cox without my knowledge to the "analog" channel area. Upon investigation I now see that the "analog" standard definition channels have been switched over to HD channels with analog numbers while the grandfathered HD channel numbers are still where they have always been. If I delete the my "favorites" from the "analog" channel area the Moto box automatically deletes the corresponding HD channel favorites in the HD channel number range WTF?

Phoenix, AZ
Not sure this is your issue, But it sure sounds the same, also in Tulsa.

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Tulsa, OK

A hint that analog formated channels are about to be removed?

The Facebook thread hints at the sudden, unannounced removal of the network standard definition channels day before yesterday on the lower channel number range on all COX MOTO boxes. About the time COX seems to have done this my Moto HD DVR box strangely displayed the wrong time for a while in the wee hours of the morning. The question is why would COX do this? Is this a precursor or hint that COX is about to remove ALL analog channels in Tulsa?


Tulsa, OK
reply to BryanInPHX

You now have to change the setup on Moto boxes

Here's the fix according to Cox tech support. Go to channel 21. Hit menu twice. Turn OFF HD autotune. OMG. Now every Tulsan has to reconfigure their Moto box setup menu to get their favorites to not auto duplicate. What were thinking COX? Why, why why?