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Reading, MA

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Home Network Setup

Figured I'd put my setup here for critiquing as well...

- Cyber Power UPS (connected to 15A dedicated plug at my home's load center, all not shown, but to the left)


- Actiontec MI424WR Rev I

- Sipura SPA-1001 ATA

- Netgear WNR3500L (Sam Knows)

- (2X) D-Link DGS-2205 5-port Gigabit Switch (doubled sided taped to each other.......)

- Panasonic KX-TG6513B DECT 6 Base

- Surface Mount 6-port Keystone Box (as a patch panel of sorts)

There is some random coax/splitters from when VZ and Comcast had been in place and used for TV...

Not pictured, but to the right of this image is a set of shelves that has an "older" Dell Precision R5400 rack mount workstation--that's where the cat6 and power cord seen in the lower right are headed...

The pipe thing at the bottom of the board used to be a conduit for the old load center's ground cabling to the water meter, which on the other side of the house. When the load center was replaced the electrical cut the conduit there and left it... removing it would have left a channel in cement parging, so I've just left it as is...

...just realized I forgot to velcro the (now unused) Comcast coax line seen drooping to upper left...


Wow, nicely done. Why two wireless routers?


Reading, MA
said by jbcg :

Wow, nicely done. Why two wireless routers?

The Actiontec (w/ VZ logo) is the only one that I actually use as a router.

The other, the Netgear, is part of the Sam Knows program. A while back you could sign up to be a volunteer to have the speed/quality of your broadband monitored. If selected for the program, they sent you a Netgear router with a special firmware loaded that will "call home" on a fairly regular basis for line quality testing. Every month or so I get an email from them with my statistics. Verizon FIOS is the very clear winner for not just speed, but also reliability, jitter, ping, packet loss, etc, vs. Comcast who I had for the past year.

When I started the program I was using MoCA so I had to put them behind the Actiontec. Since moving and re-configuring, I like the Actiontec too much to go to the Netgear as primary.

...now that you mention it... if I were smart I'd set the Actiontec up as a b/g-only router and the Netgear as an n-only router in bridge mode. I think it supports up to 300Mb/s where the Actiontec seems to top out at 130Mb/s