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Kouts, IN

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Finally pulled trigger!!

Well I posted several months ago that I was considering signing up again. One thing led to another and I never got around to it. Then my DSL modem failed....

I was only getting 3-500K with it anyway and it was the 3 modem that failed in 2 years. Terrible Frontier service 1.5 miles past the limit of their service.

I had had enough so I checked Verizon coverage again and my house had moved from Extended to the edge of full coverage.

My wife and daughter got 4G phones for Christmas and they received 4G as well at home.

I was very happy with their service so I ordered Millenicom hotspot plan and Wilson Sleek with home accessory Kit.

Out of the box I was in 4G and was able to get -94 RSSI and 15 SINR

downloads were from 6 - 18 Mb!! Fastest internet I have ever had at my house.

I plugged in and set up the Sleek and was able to get -75 RSSI and 5-10 SINR.

Speed test is:

This has been the average. I was surprised that I did not receive faster speed with the better signal.

Now I think I need an MBR95 since neither of my extra modems will work as a wireless access point.

I also want to track data usage. I have read several posts about that but I can't remember if any of them mentioned whether or not the MBR95 will track it for me?
Many computers and networked DirecTV and Blue Ray Players.


Bon Aqua, TN
Not bad man, not bad...

Warner Robins, GA
reply to nobleguy1
The MBR95 does have an overall data usage tracker.