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Re: Another Rogers Rate Increase

OK service has been cancelled and the 30 days has to be served and I am being billed for this ... OK I understand.

I go to log on to check usage yesterday and I get this.

This account has been cancelled. As a result, limited functions are available, one = I can't see what my usage is now.

I had to call Rogers to ask what I'm at for usage so far this billing cycle (I had a rough idea before I called). What bullshit this is .. I still got about 4 weeks to go with them.

Using netmeter to keep track now till its over to get a rough idea what I use .. only one in household connected to them here right now.

Paying right to the end so I might as well use them to the end even though I've got Teksavvy up and running.

Looking back to some old emails and found this one (above picture in year 2004).
The speed setup for modem is underlined for the Rogers extreme service and thats less download speed then what I get now with Teksavvy DSL.

Like I said before, the speed was ok with me at 5MB (2004) but I want more allowance now which Rogers could not offer to me at what I call a decent price anymore. I`m not paying $64.99 plus tax for 95 Gig or evan 120 Gig if Ì upgrade my modem.


Merritt, BC
I'm on Telus and i pay 49.99 for 250gb allowance rogers dl cap is just utterly retarded.. im waiting for new hardware to hit my area so i can get 50/10 from telus and it has a 450gb cap i think. for 74.99 or 69.99