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Bethel, CT
reply to Oedipus

Re: FCC calls for gigabit Internet in all 50 states by 2015

said by Oedipus:

That sounds extremely easy to accomplish.

Yup. Truth be told, I suspect that Comcast is already close to delivering gigabit per second speeds to my house (they may already be there). It is just that the bandwidth is measured differently because of the anchor of legacy cable TV delivery.

Comparing doughnuts to doughnuts, when google boasts of gigabit delivery, does that include the bandwidth needed to deliver TV channels? Or does google deliver full gigabit for Internet access? Does one, as a google customer, use ones allocation of gigabit services for TV viewing? If so, how does that affect ones internet bandwidth?

Comcast delivers dozens of HD channels to my home simultaneously. While I have not added up the individual bandwidths to determine the full capability of what the actual bandwidth Comcast can deliver to my house, I suspect that Comcast is not showing its hand in this matter