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Portsmouth, VA
reply to gcash81001

Re: [VA] constant drops needing to reset modem everytime.

said by gcash81001:

any else confirm switching to a d3 modem, could fix this?

It's possible a D3 modem could fix thing's, but nothing is promised. I can tell you, with D2 modem's they have trouble DCC(Dynamic Channel Change). Which is a load balancing feature that has been put to use with D3 on the upstream side. D2 modem's seem to struggle with this, and as you can see it's in many of your log's posted.

Also with a D3 modem your future proofing yourself for a while. I am sure if one of your local cox store's has some D3 modem's in stock. You can get one threw them, and if you don't like the way it perform's. I am sure they will most likely give you your money back within the 30 day time frame of buying it from them. Cox won't admit it, but with the D3 upgrade's, more of the older D2 modem's struggle to stay online with random issue's. Another thing is, it will come to the point all customer's will be forced to upgrade to the newer D3 modem's. With a D3 modem you should be able to depend on a more steady, and better connection. If that isn't the case, it's then your right to bitch, until cox figures out what is causing the issue that is outside of your control.

Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA
It looks like an outside plant issue, but I would have a tech come out and make sure.


Virginia Beach, VA
sorry for being gone, I still am having the sames problems I guess I need to get in contact with Cox then, Thanks guys