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Slow/Non-loading Internet

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Google - Trace

I'm having issues with my internet over the last couple of days. I have ADSL2+ BigPond Broadband and over the last couple of days my internet has gone extremely slow. I am having issues of non-loading websites where they will eventually load after around 5-10 tries. Yet when i can get the speedtest.net test to load i get normal results, except one time half way through the download test it just stopped working and the download speed started to drop.

Because of this i think i am having packet loss issues. At this current time my internet is so bad i can't even use the tests on dslreports as the tests don't load or error out due to connection issues. I have no hardware issues, no new hardware, no firewalls or other blocking software, everything is exactly the same as it was when it was working fine. I have spent over an hour talking to Telstra over the phone tell them that the ISCI Netalyzr says i have high network buffering, and they said they can't find any issues and just refreshed my line, where my internet was fine for half a say and then returns back to this state. Another example of how bad my internet is, youtube videos only buffering 40 seconds of videos at a time, where i have to right click the video, 'stop download' and then press play again to watch another 20-40 seconds.

Does any one have any ideas, as this is really annoying and i can't work out what is going on.


Note: See the picture for a trace to google, lots of packet loss..